Uzbekistan Government Officials Visit

On the afternoon of February 27th, Uzbekistan Government Officials visited Gole Group.

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    During the visit, our sales manager gave a detailed introduction of the development of the Group’s Construction Machinery Division, Amusement Rides Division, Environmental Protection Division, Construction Machinery Division and E-commerce Center to Mr. Bahatilovich. And also introduced the production, research and development, export trade and the key overseas projects.

    During his visit to various departments, Mr. Bahatilovich fully recognized and affirmed the corporate reputation and development achievements of Gole Group and expressed strong support for the Group’s current cross-border e-commerce development model. Interests, and praised: “Gole e-commerce center operates a simple, fast, low-cost electronic communication method, buyers and sellers do not face a variety of business activities, replacing traditional overseas marketing with online marketing Means not only saves marketing costs, but also uses the rich means of online marketing and precise positioning to trade, and meets the needs of overseas buyers with its small transaction, low cost, low risk, agility and flexibility.”

    During the visit, Mr. Zhang A’xin, the general manager of Gole Group, and Mr. Sabah Khatilovich negotiated the intention of business cooperation in the amusement and environmental protection projects, and signed the “Cooperation Letter of Intent” on the spot.


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