Techno Jump Amusement Rides For Sale

Cheap Techno Jump Amusement Rides for Sale in Kenya from Beston Factory as a kind of large outdoor amusement equipment are designed with frog as the main theme style and specially to be a giant octopus appearance that there are many long arms supporting many carriages and connecting to one big central control pillar standing in one big base plate. Jump and Smile Rides can bring rides a thrilling and interesting experience through running in jumping and rotating way.

Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides For Sale In Beston
Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides For Sale

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    Techno frog Jump has beautiful appearance and colorful lights decoration that can be played by kids, children and adults in all kinds of amusement park, theme park, fairground, playground, supermarket, city square and garden. Frog Jump thrill ride for sale can be customized according to your special requirements. Now just send us an Email for our best Jump & Smile ride price list.

    Description Of Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides For Sale

    Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides for Sale are a kind of large amusement park rides used in outdoor. Jump and Smile Rides are manufactured with high global standard steel and fiberglass structure materials and composed of one big base plate supporting, one giant central round control device, several long arms, several ride carriages and electric control platform. Each Techno Jump Ride carriage allows 3 persons to sit. The carriage can be customized all kinds of shapes as you like.

    There are fantastic colorful lights decorated on the whole body of Jump & Smile. Jump and Smile thrill ride is equipped with quality sound device that can play various amazing music & songs and bring you a happy atmosphere in the thrilling and crazy rotating motion process. Techno Jump Ride for sale can be controlled the running speed and rotating ways by electric control device. Beston Jump and Smile Rides Supplier can make customized service for you. Welcome to Email us for free quote.

    Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides For Sale In Beston Supplier
    Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides For Sale

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      Features Of Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides

      • High Quality steel and fiber glass structure materials
      • Gorgeous color and bright lights
      • Quality auto paint for resisting rusting and corrosion
      • Smooth surface and safe seamless welding
      • Techno jumping and rotating
      • Easy to install and operate with our free installation video and professional engineer’s help in site.
      • Attractive appearance design in all kinds of customized style
      • Adjustable running speed and ways
      • Thrilling and exciting
      Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides In Beston
      Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides In Beston

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        Application Of Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides

        • Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides for sale in Beston are produced for application in all kinds of large outdoor places, such as amusement park, theme park, playground, city square, supermarket, funfairs, carnivals, garden and fairground.
        • Beston Amusement Park Techno Jump Ride for sale is suitable for people in all ages, such as kids, children, adults or old people.
        • Beston playground Jump and Smile thrill ride is used in all seasons and days. But there will more people travel to play this jumping machine game during the holiday.
        Cabin Of Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides In Beston
        Cabin Of Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides In Beston
        Details Of Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides In Beston
        Details Of Techno Frog Jump Amusement Rides In Beston

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          Beston Jump Amusement Rides Manufacturer

          There are all types of Jump & Smile amusement rides varying in shapes, sizes, appearance, music, colors,height, covering area, running speed and operating method for sale in Beston Amusement Company. Different colors vary in red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, brown, pink, gray, orange and black. Different appearances vary in animals-shaped of frog, sheep, octopus, mickey mouse, kangaroo and so on. If you have your special requirements on Techno Jump Rides design, now just email us attached your questions.

          As a professional Jump and Smile Rides Supplier, Beston has cooperated with many customers in many countries of Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Palestine, Nigeria, Botswana, UK, Scotland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Orlando, Ontario, Edinburgh, South Africa, UK, USA, Osaka, Vienna, Atlanta ga, Canada, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Korean, Las vegas, Chicago, Japan, Spanish, Russia, Kazakhstan, NJ and Seattle. After many years’ export experience and technology innovation, Beston now has our own professional amusement factory and a whole series of production line. Beston equips high quality manufacturing devices and a group of professional skilled worker. As the after-sale service, Beston Jump and Smile Rides Manufacturer can provide you free installation video and also can send our best professional engineers to you country to help you. So just trust our high quality Jump & Smile amusement rides for sale and contact us for free quote please now.

          Jump And Smile Thrill Ride Working Principle

          Techno Jump Ride cabins are connected with central round pillar by long arms and run up and down in a certain rhythm way. Techno Jump Ride’s arms are sloping and cabins are still at a certain distance from ground before starting.

          Firstly, passengers sit well on the seat and pull down the tie down block. All the lights on the whole body of amusement jumping ride will shine bright after being started. Techno Jump & Smile Amusement Rides will run at a slow speed at the beginning and then rotate quickly after a few circles. Passengers can experience flying and hanging in the air with feelings of overweight and weightlessness.

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          The central round pillar installed on a big base can be controlled to rotate in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, and which can drive the long arms and carriages jumping and rotating along with the round pillar. The long arms also can drive the cabins to go up and sown. The whole shape looks like a big octopus and each arm has its own independent running way, which can rotate or run in many different ways under the control of central pillar. All the arms also can run in a same horizontal line and then change to rotate in a free ways. Running speed is adjustable.

          Running jumping and rotating that is the main working principle of amusement park jump & smile ride. As a thrilling and exciting amusement park rides for sale, Beston jump rides can bring passengers feel free in the sky and release their trouble in big and small wave motion. If you like or want to buy techno jump & smile amusement rides for sale from our factory and lower your rides cost, now contact us for our best rides price please.

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          Techno Jump and Smile Rides Specification & Parameters

          Techno Jump & Smile Rides

          Brand Name Beston Places China
          Carriage 8/12 Seats / Passengers 24/36
          Light LED Color Colorful / Customized
          Material Steel & Fiber Glass Sound Customized
          Covering Area 11m / 13m Power 16.5kw
          Voltage 380V Installed Power 16.5kw
          Motor Power 5.5kw Air Compressor Power 11kw
          Diameters 7.5~16m Height 4.5m
          Running Height 3.5m Running Speed 8~10 rounds/min
          Guarantee 12 months Rotating Way Customized

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