Swing Tower Rides For Sale

Swing Tower Rides for sale in Beston Company, also called flying tower swing chair ride, belong to a kind of large thrilling swing rides. Swing Tower Ride can be used in amusement park and is popular among adults and children. Swing Tower Ride will surely be an ideal amusement ride in a playground or carnival event. It will bring you great economic benefits with small operating costs when investing swing tower rides. Welcome to Contact Beston for Free Quote Now!

Swing Tower Rides For Sale Cheap In Beston Factory
BTST 01A – Swing Tower Rides For Sale Cheap
Swing Tower Rides In Beston
BTST 01B – Swing Tower Rides In Beston

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Description Of Swing Tower Rides For Sale

Swing Tower Rides for sale is a new flying tower type amusement equipment and is manufactured with FRP and high quality steel as the main structure materials. Amusement Park Swing Tower Ride is composed of steel center shaft and FRP chair seats. Swing Tower Ride is a combination of entertainment, fun, thrill and excitement. The thrilling swing tower ride is suitable for both adults and children.

Swing Tower Rides For Sale In Beston
Swing Tower Rides For Sale

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Features Of Swing Tower Rides For Sale In Beston

  • Thrilling and Exciting. Swing Tower Rides rotate at high-speed and throw the passengers seat at the angle of 50.5-degree, which bring passengers to experience the thrilling and exciting flying tour.
  • High Quality and Safety. Beston Swing Tower Ride has multiple sets of safety detection devices to ensure the safety performance of the equipment, such as wire rope loose alarm device and traction machine sliding detection device.
  • Popular and Attractive. Amusement Park Swing Tower Ride is a kind of amusement equipment that combines entertainment, fun, thrill and excitement, and will give passengers a new high-altitude stimulation feeling.

Specification Of Swing Tower Rides For Sale

Equipment Height 52m
Running Height 40m
Running Time 180s
Diameter 30m
Total Power 70kw
Cabins 18
Passengers Capacity 36persons

How Does Swing Tower Rides Work

Swing tower rides turntable moves up and down linearly under the action of the traction cable, and the turntable simultaneously performs circular motion. The passenger seat hanging on the turntable with a chain moves up & down through rotating, which make the chair spin around the column under the action of centrifugal force and bring passenger the endless fun.

Invest Swing Tower Rides For Amusement Park

When rotating, the Swing Tower Ride is like a rainbow dance along with the rotation of the passengers and become more dazzling and colorful. Swing Tower Ride in the nigh will become more distinguished with its towering tower body decorated with beautiful and colorful LED lights and make amusement park one more splendid landscape.

Why Choose Beston To Buy Swing Tower Rides

Swing Tower Ride for sale in Beston Factory is driven by the reducer to rotate, and the lift mechanism is realized by the pulley mechanism of the elevator traction machine. The cabin is locked by mechanical mechanism, and the performance of the whole machine is stable, so that the passengers can feel safe and comfortable while riding, and has reliable safety guarantee.

Notice For Swing Tower Rides Passengers

  1. Visitors should read the tourist information in detail before playing swing tower ride.
  2. People can not play the swing tower ride who is suffering from epilepsy, fear of high disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and mental illness, weak constitution (old, sick, disabled, pregnant), drunk and those less than 1.4 meters in height.
  3. Before riding on the equipment, passengers should fasten the clothes buckles and shoelaces and put away those easy winding things. Passengers should not hold objects, and store hats, glasses, mobile phones, necklaces, wallets, and etc., which are easy to fall off. No smoking or fighting. Adhere to social morality and public order.
  4. Passengers must follow the guidance of the staff to enter the venue from the entrance and accept the arrangement.
  5. After siting well in the seat, passengers should cooperate with the staff to press the safety pressure bar and accept the inspection.
  6. During the operation, passengers should not have any actions that impede the safe operation of the equipment. Inform the staff in time if you feel unwell.
  7. Leave in order from the exit when the staff open your safety bar after the equipment and ringing tone stopping.
  8. Passengers should abide by the above regulations to avoid serious consequences.


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