Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides For Sale

Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides For Sale in Powerlion is a kind of new self-controlled airplane amusement rides and is designed & manufactured with the very cool integral shape and strong interactive entertainment. Powerlion amusement Squirrel Skydiving Ride is suitable for family to play in all kinds of amusement parks and fairgrounds.

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PLSS-32A Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides For Sale - Powerlion
PLSS-32A Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides For Sale
Model PLSS-32A
Capacity 32p
Diameter 9m
Height 7m
Area 12m
Power 18kw
Voltage 380v50Hz

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Introduction Of Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides For Sale

Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Ride is a new-type amusement ride that is designed and produced in Powerlion Company. Powerlion Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Ride is made of steel structure & fiberglass material and is composed of one central pillar, truss arms, carriages and control system.

PLSS-32B Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides - Powerlion
PLSS-32B Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides
Model PLSS-32B
Capacity 32p
Diameter 9m
Height 7m
Area 12m
Power 18kw
Voltage 380v50Hz

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The central pillar is designed to be a cartoon appearance of bald eagle that captures a baby squirrel standing on the rock and spreads its wings to fly. There are 8 bald eagles hiding in the eggshells set around the rock. And the carriages are designed to be flying squirrel shapes that are running to rescue the captured baby squirrel. One arm connects two carriages available for two persons to take and there is a ceiling setting on the two carriages. The whole body of Squirrel Skydiving ride is painted to be beautiful and colorful. Squirrel Skydiving amusement ride with good look can attract more passengers to take that can bring you a greater profit.

Great Features Of Squirrel Skydiving Rides

  • Good shape and beautiful appearance design
  • Lively Squirrel cartoons design
  • Eco-Friendly and colorful painting with special technology
  • High quality and safe steel structure material
  • All the shape, color and size can be customized in Powerlion

Design Concept Of Squirrel Skydiving Rides In Powerlion

It is about a story of amount of malicious bald eagle looking for baby squirrel as their food. Of course the family of baby squirrel will call their friends to make a rescue. The Squirrel Skydiving is designed with more interactivity and entertainment. There is shooting device with laser gun shape setting in the front of each carriage. Passengers can shoot at the central pillar through controlling the shooting device when running. If you shoot right at the central pillar shape, there will some certain motion and sound happen. The carriages rotate in a certain direction state, which can make people feel multiple ride experience. Kids and adults all will very love this kind of interesting Squirrel Skydiving amusement rides in parks.

Advantages Of Powerlion Amusement Squirrel Skydiving Rides

  • Powerlion adopts professional automobile paint through 12 hours full baking process, which can make the paint color more beautiful and durable.
  • Powerlion squirrel skydiving has special appearance design and can attractive more family to ride.
  • Powerlion amusement squirrel skydiving ride has safe structure design that composed of hydraulic pressure, gas circuit, waterway and electric circuit.
  • Powerlion squirrel skydiving ride has interesting interactivity. The design of squirrel and bald eagle is attractive.

Parameters Of Powerlion Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides

Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides

Brand Powerlion Country China
Height 7m Diameter 9m
Area 12m Capacity 32p
Power 18kw Voltage 380v50Hz
Corollary Equipment One 7.5KW air compressor, one 3kw oil hydraulic pump and one 0.5 water pump
Color Customized Paint Automotive coating, anti-rust

Buy Squirrel Skydiving From Powerlion Amusement Rides Manufacturer

  • Powerlion Amusement Company is a large professional amusement rides & equipment manufacturer & factory & supplier in China.
  • Powerlion make sure the quality, health and safety for people and adopts imported environment-friendly linear low density polyethylene LLDPE materials.
  • Powerlion has a group of excellent designers and professional skilled workers that we can realize the high efficiency and complete service and customize the special amusement rides according to customers’ requirements.
  • Powerlion always insists on creating the happy brand of amusement rides for exporting the most quality and safe amusement park products to many countries and cooperates with them for a long term.


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