Safety Technology Of Using Amusement Park Rides

Amusement Park Rides are a kind of popular and attractive equipments used in all kinds of fun fair parks and playground, which can bring people amazing, thrilling, exciting and enjoyable experience through all different kinds of running and rotating ways in the air. As one product to serve the people, carnival ride for sale must be insured to be safe and reliable. Here is the safety technology of using amusement park rides below:

Popular Amusement Park Rides - Swing For Sale
Popular Amusement Park Rides – Swing For Sale

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    Requirements for Safety Device of Amusement Park Rides

    1. It is necessary to be equipped with the related safety device according to the different of properties, structure and running ways of amusement park carnival rides.
    2. Carnival Ferris Wheel should rotate clockwise and anticlockwise. And the switch must be installed at the position that is easy for operation.
    3. Lifting mechanism must be safe and reliable. There should be not allowed the phenomenon of scrambling, displacement and abnormal vibration.
    4. For those amusement rides that run depending on friction force, it is unallowed that there is obvious relative sliding occurring on the friction surface.
    5. The lifting system should be able to start smoothly and no matter what position the carriage device under the rated load will stop at the lifting section.
    6. There must be exit passageway set up at the lifting section for evacuating passengers.
    7. There must be reliable safety net that conforming to the requirement for plain net stated in the Safety Net GB5725-1997 installed at the position where there may happen injuries caused of human and objects falling.
    8. The mechanical part of carnival ride should be equipped with protective cover or other effective protective measures to prevent the passengers touch directly. The inside and outside that all parts of cabinets seats must be welded and painted for smooth without corner angle, splinter, projecting nail, screw and other objects that may injure human body.
    9. Those amusement park rides with over 20m height, which should be equipped with anemograph at the high position of 10m.
    Popular Ferris Wheel Amusement Park Ride
    Popular Ferris Wheel Amusement Park Ride

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      Requirements for Safety Inspection of Amusement Park Rides

      End-user should strictly execute the annual inspection, monthly inspection and daily inspection system of amusement equipment. It is prohibited that amusement park equipment runs with failure. Safety inspection includes the following points:

      1. Inspect the amusement rides completely once a year. Carry out load test if necessary and test the safety technique performance of amusement ride through lifting, running, rotating and shifting according to the rated speed.

      2. Monthly inspection includes the following items:

      • All kinds of safety devices
      • Power unit, drive and braking system
      • Wire-rope, chain and carriages
      • Control element for circuit and electric
      • Emergency power supply

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      3. Daily inspection includes the following items:

      • Check if the control device, speed limiting device, braking device and other safety devices are effective and reliable.
      • Check if the amusement machine runs normally without abnormal vibration or noise.
      • Check the situation of all the wear parts.
      • Check if the gate interlock switch and safe belt are completely well.
      • Check the lubricating point and add lubricating oil.
      • Check if the important positions of track and wheel are normal.

      4. Make a detailed record for inspection and file for ready reference.

      Double Layer Carousel Amusement Park Rides
      Double Layer Carousel Amusement Park Rides

      No matter large or small amusement park equipments for sale, it is important to pay attention to the safe question. You should ensure your high quality and safe amusement ride for sale, and then you may get high reputation, brand quality, more passengers and more profits. So, just let’s take care of our amusement park rides!

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