Pendulum Rides For Sale Kenya

Pendulum Rides for sale Kenya as a kind of international popular new type thrill amusement park rides has features of attractive appearance, scientific structure and magnificent power, and can be used in all kinds of small and large parks.

Pendulum Ride For Sale
Pendulum Ride For Sale

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    Spinning Pendulum Amusement Park Ride for sale from Beston Amusement Rides Supplier is a kind of very fun play project in all kinds of parks. People will love to play this kind of thrill amusement equipment. They enjoy laughing, screaming and the happy atmosphere when playing the pendulum swing ride. So if you want to earn money for your parks, you can email us to buy our high quality and cheap pendulum swing for sale that will attract more passengers to play and pay fees.

    Beston Pendulum Ride For Sale Cheap
    Beston Pendulum Ride For Sale Cheap

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      Description Of Pendulum Rides For Sale

      Pendulum rides are thrill amusement rides for sale in all kinds of large theme park, which are composed with one high stand column, one cantilever and one big turntable. Of which stand column is made up of four sidelong round steel columns and turntable is made up of some fixed seats that together in a round center on the cantilever. The main structure material of pendulum carnival rides is steel that has high and strong safety.

      The whole body of pendulum amusement ride is decorated with colorful lights and painted with beautiful colors. The turntable, also called ride carriage, should maintain a certain distance from the ground when the cantilever stays still. When pendulum rides are used in amusement park, the rides stand column should be fixed on the ground to keep the stability after the cantilever starting to rotate.

      Features Of Pendulum Amusement Rides

      • High Safety with Steel Structure Material
      • Decorated with Colorful Painting and Lights
      • Equipped with Beautiful Rides Music
      • Wide Application in All Kinds of Parks
      • Beautiful Rides Appearance and Luxury Seats Design
      • Cheap Pendulum Rides Price for Sale in Beston
      • Scientific and Professional Structure
      • Advanced Electric Control System
      • Exciting and Thrilling

      Uses Of Pendulum Thrill Rides

      • 5~8 seats Small Pendulum Rides can be used in fairground, children school, shopping mall, supermarket, community square, funfair playground, fair park, backyard and this kind small place with many people around.
      • 12~40 seats Large Pendulum Thrill Rides can be used in some large place with crowd assembling, such as amusement park, some theme parks, large-scale recreation ground, large playground and tourist scenic spots and so on.
      • Pendulum Rides can be used for free and just to service and provide fun for people in community square or school and also can be used for earning money by collecting payment from people who play the pendulum rides in amusement parks.
      • The seats numbers, column size and rides shapes of Pendulum amusement rides for sale can be customized in Beston Factory.

      Pendulum Amusement Park Ride Manufacturer

      Beston is a professional Spinning Pendulum Amusement Park Ride For Sale Manufacturer in China, which have own amusement rides factory with a series of mature production line, advanced manufacturing equipments and responsible sales team. So if you have any question about buying pendulum carnival rides for parks, we can provide you a professional suggestion and quote.

      There are large pendulum thrill rides and mini pendulum rides for sale in Beston.

      • Large pendulum thrill rides include 12-seat, 16-seat, 18-seat, 24-seat, 30-seat and 40-seat rides and so on.
      • Mini pendulum rides include 5~8 seats rides for sale.
      • All kinds of spinning pendulum amusement park rides for sale can be customized in our Beston Factory. You can email us attached your special requirements for design project. We will send you the cheap price quote according to your need.

      How Do Pendulum Rides Work?

      When you buy a cheap Pendulum Rides for sale from Beston Factory that as a kind of popular amusement rides in theme parks, you should know that how pendulum rides work. Here is the details process below:

      Passengers who visit around in your amusement parks shall pay fees to play this amusement pendulum ride. They sit facing out in the seats that fixed on the round turntable, fasten their seat belts and then press down their safe tie down block. The seat belt and tie down block together make the double security. When you sit in the pendulum carnival rides, your feet have a certain safe distance against from ground. The main column of hanging chairs that driven by motor starts do the simple pendulum motion while the round turntable rotating in 360 degree. Passengers can feel exciting and thrilling when playing the spinning pendulum amusement park rides for sale from Beston. When the pendulum rides are controlled to work, people sit in the seats reciprocating swinging along with that pendulum ride that goes upside down. The pendulum ride speed can be adjusted.

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      Pendulum Rides Specifications And Parameters

      Item/Idex 18-seat Pendulum Rides 24-seat Pendulum Rides 30-seat Pendulum Rides
      Area 12*10m 14*12m 18*14m
      Power 35kw 40kw 65kw
      Angle 40 50 60
      Height 14m 16m 18m

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      Pendulum Ride Physics

      Pendulum rides physics actually are similar to the working principle of giant swing that you try to move the swing shaking in a certain arc through give a force on your feet and the giant swing rides gradually move quickly. Of course you can use your feet to control the speed of swing and finally stop. In a similar physics way that pendulum amusement rides are controlled and driven by electric motor. The pendulum rides speed also can be adjusted according to your need. In a stated certain time, the spinning pendulum swing rides can keep shaking and rotating ceaseless. People ride on the pendulum swing can feel like flying in a controlled way and have the feeling of weightlessness on pendulum rides hanging in the air. The pendulum amusement park rides will stop when the power is fail.

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      History Of Pendulum Rides

      In the history of pendulum rides in China, there is a super giant pendulum ride in the early period, which has 26m main arm steel column and weigh up to 56 tons. This super large amusement park ride is the most difficult one to install. It needs to pile foundation into the ground to 220m depth. Arrange three professional transport companies to design and formulate the special transport plan. Transport this giant pendulum swing for sale equipped with special cabinets, cars and cranes. And the arm column installation cost 10 hours. What a great large project. That is amazing.

      In the history of pendulum rides for sale in Beston that a professional amusement rides manufacturer & Supplier, we have abundant of experience on exporting and installing small and large spinning pendulum amusement park rides for sale. If you buy pendulum rides for sale from Beston, we will provide our professional sales teams and install engineers to help you on choose site, design position and finish the installation.

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