Octopus Ride For Sale

Octopus Ride for sale, a kind of new rotary thrilling amusement rides, is manufactured by  Beston Factory in China! Rotary octopus rides have special appearance of Big Octopus that is designed and manufactured to be as natural as though it were living and is attractive in fairground or amusement park. Welcome to inquire Beston octopus ride price!

BNOR 01 - Octopus Ride For Sale Cheap - Beston Factory
BNOR 01 – Octopus Ride For Sale Cheap

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Description for Octopus Ride for Sale

Octopus rides belong to rotary spinning large amusement rides for sale in  Beston. Octopus Ride for sale is made of strong structure materials with FRP & steel and is featured with new beautiful and cute cartoon octopus appearance, excellent and easy operation function.

BNOR 02 - Cheap Octopus Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNOR 02 – Cheap Octopus Ride For Sale

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Speak to the special designed carnival rides octopus appearance, there is a very big octopus style set in the middle of the equipment and four long crooked dragons style arms extending attached with three-two cabins. The four long ride arms are decorated with beautiful colorful LED lights. When starting, especially in the night, along with the beautiful lights octopus amusement ride can bring people an amazing experience through the thrilling moving.

BNOR 03 - Cheap Octopus Ride For Sale In Beston - Beston Factory
BNOR 03 – Cheap Octopus Ride For Sale In Beston

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The intermediate shaft rotary clockwise and at the same time the four long arms will rotary along with the cabins separately spinning. The whole rotary moving make the octopus carnival ride look line a big Octopus is making threatening gestures with a tremendous momentum and spectacularity.

BNOR 04 - Buy Cheap Octopus Ride from Beston
BNOR 04 – Buy Cheap Octopus Ride from Beston

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octopus amusement ride for sale in  Beston is popular among adults and also children. Everyone will like to fly like a freedom bird in the sky and also can experience the exciting feeling. So the octopus ride for sale in amusement parks or fairground will be the one of the most popular carnival rides for attracting tourists. If you are operating a large theme park or small fun fair park, you can contact us to buy cheap octopus ride for sale! Get price now!

Specification Of Rotary Octopus Rides

Brand Beston
Origin China
Capacity 24 persons
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 20KW
Area 14m*14m*4.5m
Equipment Height 5.5m
Running Height 1.9m
Running Speed 110m/min

Octopus Rides Manufacturer

Beston as a professional Octopus Rides Manufacturer in China has the large manufacturing factory, production equipment and advanced technology.  Beston insists provide the best amusement rides products and best service for customers to realize the win-win. We will get your trust with our high quality and brand service! Welcome to contact us for Free Quote now!


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