Human Slingshot For Sale Kenya

Human Slingshot for sale from Beston Company is a new extreme thrilling and crazy amusement ride, which as a kind of game for brave works just like the rocket that the cabin is propelled up to the sky at the very fast speed and then keep bouncing in the sky. Human Slingshot Ride is quality and safe with the best strong structure material and stable assembly. If you are interested in our slingshot ride for sale or you plan to buy one thrill ride to attract more passenger or tourists, welcome to contact us for more details now!

Beston Human Slingshot For Sale Cheap
Beston Human Slingshot For Sale Cheap
Beston Cheap Human Slingshot Rides
Beston Cheap Human Slingshot Rides

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    Introduction of Human Slingshot Ride

    • Human Slingshot Ride, An Extreme Thrill Ride from Beston, is a kind of amusement device that works with power to drive the cabin up to the high point in the sky and conducts the bouncing motion. Every part of Beston human slingshot ride is chosen and adopted with the best quality materials.
    • Human slingshot bungee ride is composed of two high steel piles, four long steel ropes and one cabin. The two steel piles are the main structure of the whole slingshot device and installed and fixed into the ground for the upside-down splayed shape. There are three long wireropes equipped to pull the two steel piles on the three sides for realizing the state of stability.
    • The safe ejection seat looks like a round ball-shape and is equipped with safe belt and handle. There are four high quality steel ropes connecting the human slingshot ride cabin with the two high steel piles.
    • At the beginning, the device sends the cabin out to the high point in the sky by power drive and then the steel ropes pull back the cabin down close to the ground and start to bounce.
    Amusement Park Human Slingshot Rides - Beston Factory
    Amusement Park Human Slingshot Rides
    Gondola Of Slingshot Ride - Beston Rides
    Gondola Of Slingshot Ride

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      Features of Human Slingshot For Sale

      • Thrilling and crazy
      • Playing in the high sky
      • Seem simple but complex safe structure device
      • Weightless and overweight
      • Bouncing motion
      • Customizable size and color in Beston
      • New innovative thrill ride
      Human Slingshot Bungee Ride In Beston
      Human Slingshot Bungee Ride In Beston
      Two-Seat Human Slingshot Ride For Sale - Beston
      Two-Seat Human Slingshot Ride For Sale

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        Use of Slingshot Ride For Sale

        • Human Slingshot For Sale, also called ejection seat ride for sale, can be used in many place to attract adults and children. Such as amusement park, theme park, funfair parks, playground, or other wide grounds.
        • As the human slingshot bungee ride is a very thrill ride for sale in Beston, the riders should be in a very healthy physical condition and psychological quality.
        • Human Slingshot Bungee Ride belongs to brave game and is suitable for people who have the courage to face and challenge the difficulty and fear.
        • The slingshot ejection seat ride for sale should be used carefully and obey the rules to play strictly. Any uncomfortable in the playing process, you should tell the staff at the first time.
        Slingshot Ride For Sale In Beston
        Slingshot Ride For Sale In Beston

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          Human Slingshot Bungee Ride Working Principle

          Human Slingshot Bungee Ride just like its name that has the very crazy working mode and running way. Talk about the working principle of Human Slingshot Bungee Ride, which often is compared to be rocket by people. Passengers sit down well in the cabin and tie up well the safe belt. The cabin will be send to the sky in the very high height and at the very high speed when the human slingshot ride gets started. Human bungee slingshot ride will start to free fall down close to the ground and again up to the sky. The whole continual bouncing process will last for about 2 minutes till to stop. It is screaming and exciting for passengers when experiencing in the whole thrilling and crazy working process. There are high quality slingshot amusement ride for sale in Beston Company. Any interest? Contact us to find more thrill rides for sale!

          Human Slingshot Ride Cabin - Beston
          Human Slingshot Ride Cabin

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            Specification Of Slingshot Rides For Sale In Beston

            Type GF-36A GF-32B GF-32C
            Height 55.8m 44.8m 31.8m
            Equipment level A B B
            Installation type Stationary Stationary Stationary
            Running height 37m 29m 18m
            Power 82KW 67KW 67KW
            Covering area Φ30m Φ24m Φ22m
            Weight 68t 40t 25t

            How To Build A Human Slingshot

            • Firstly, you should make a plan or draw a design picture to make sure the covering area. Decide all the sizes of slingshot parts.
            • Secondly, you can choose a best and suitable place to set the amusement human slingshot ride for sale.
            • Thirdly, you can choose and buy high quality steel as the main structure material. And also the high quality wirerope and cabin material.
            • Fourthly, you can start your installing working. Fix the two steel piles into the ground and used three high quality wireropes to steady in the triangle-shape installed.
            • Fifth, use four long steel ropes to connect the cabin with the steel piles. The joints must be well installed to be safe and stable.
            • Finally, you sit in the cabin and try your slingshot amusement ride and experience the bouncing upside-down.

            Note for Playing Slingshot Ejection Seat Ride For Sale

            • Check out the device joints, steel pile stability, human slingshot quality and ejector seat safety.
            • Tie up your safe belt in the ejector seat and close upon the safe handle.

            Where Can You Buy High Quality Slingshot Amusement Ride For Sale?

            • Speak to the slingshot ride buy, it is important to find a professional amusement rides for sale manufacturer and buy the high quality and guaranteed human slingshot bungee ride.
            • Here Beston as a China leading amusement park rides supplier has our own manufacturing factory and can produce high quality slingshot amusement ride for you! Beston can customize the different slingshot in different sizes and colors according to customers’ special requirements. Beston also can send our professional engineers to help you install the human slingshot ride or provide the install video for guidance.
            • Depend on many years’ manufacturing and export experience, Beston sells high quality Human Slingshot Ride to many countries of USA, Osaka, Vienna, Atlanta ga, Canada, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Korean, Las vegas, Chicago, Japan, Spanish, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Palestine, Nigeria, Botswana, UK, Scotland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Orlando, Ontario, Edinburgh, South Africa, UK, NJ and Seattle and so on.
            • If you have a plan to buy slingshot ride for sale cheap in China, now you can contact or Email us for free quote & more details.

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