How To Operate Playground Amusement Rides In Winter

For playground amusement rides operators, the winter is the weakest season of the year due to the weather. For the off-season of the year, how can operators improve the income of the park as much as possible? This is a question that many park operators are thinking about.

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    Although the winter season is off-season, due to the infrequent operation of amusement rides, coupled with the cold and humid weather, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. For the lower transmission horse, the arm, bearing and chain can be checked frequently, and lubricating oil is often added to prevent rust, reduce wear and reduce noise. For the tires, it should be noted that the tire pressure is normal, and the tires are guaranteed to have 4 tire pressures in the summer, and can be appropriately increased in winter to charge 5 tire pressures. For the lamp on the device, check whether it is normal. If it is not bright, it may be the shaking caused by the device during operation. If the contact is poor, you can unscrew the lamp cover, tighten the inner lamp and tighten the ejector screw on the back of the lamp.

    For playground or amusement parks with few amusement rides projects and outdated equipment, it is helpful to change one or two projects in winter, which will greatly increase the popularity of the park and increase the operating income.

    Once again, in winter, you can consider the introduction of a monthly discount card and a season card, which can serve as a fixed customer.

    You can also cooperate with nearby shopping malls and supermarkets to hold promotional events. For example, you can experience the park project for free once.

    Of course, in the face of a large number of paradise operators, it is a benevolent person who sees the wise and sees wisdom, sharing good methods with each other and jointly doing business better.


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