General Notice For Playing Amusement Rides

Amusement rides are manufactured for operating in amusement parks or playground and making profits. Amusement ride can bring people much fun through various thrilling running ways. With the development of science and progress of society, now new carnival rides and amusement equipments fully use the advanced technology of machine, electric, light, sound and power, which integrated with intellectual, enjoyment, scientificity and thrilling and attract many youth ages and kids.

There are all kinds of popular and new amusement rides for sale in Powerlion Company, such as carousel rides, ferris wheel rides, swing rides, self control plan rides, trackless train rides, small amusement train rides, bumper car rides, Miami rides, pendulum rides, pirate ship rides, drop tower and so on.

Amusement Park Rides - Tea Cup For Sale
Amusement Park Rides – Tea Cup For Sale

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    Notice For Playing Amusement Rides

    When you play amusement park rides for sale, here are some points for you to attention:

    1. Check the safe inspection certificate: The inspection period of using entertainment machine and amusement rides is one year according to the regulations of the State. All the carnival rides that are qualified safety inspection will be marked with the conformity inspection mark by Quality Supervision Department.
    2. Attention to Riding Notice: There must be the “Passengers Notice” installed in a prominent place around amusement ride. Passengers should read the Notice carefully before riding. Prohibit crossing! Riders should wait in line outside of the safe fence before riding.
    3. Kids or children should be accompanied by their Parents or adults when playing amusement park rides and should not ride alone.
    4. Follow the Directions of Staffs: Rides should follow staff’s direction when getting on or off and watch your step and head to avoid collision or tumble.
    5. Fasten Seatbelt Well: Passengers should fasten their seat belt well and check if it is safe and reliable after sitting on the seats. Keep the seatbelt never loosening and hold the safe grab bars or other safe device with both hands. Passengers should get on or off at the complete stop.
    6. Do not put hand, arm, head, or other parts of body out of the cabinet: Passengers should sit on the seat well and do not move randomly. Do not shake cabinet and open the cabinet door in order to avoid bumping and scratching.
    7. Prohibit standing photos: Do not stand or half squat and take photo randomly when paying carnival ride.
    8. Take care well of your carry-on items: Passengers should take care of their property and not throw out randomly. Put away the items that are easy dropped when playing amusement equipment.
    9. Note for Playing Race Car: Do not wear coat, long scarf and long hair when riding the amusement race car or go karts for sale.
    10. Keep your head for accident: Do not get down without staff’s notice and wait for emergency assistance when there the power accident happening in the running process. Because at that time, the only safe place that is rides carriages.
    11. Attention to Water Amusement Rides: In order to avoid collisions, do not head up to the water inlet and water orifice when playing in the rounding pool and waving pool.
    12. Notes for playing Water Slide: strictly prohibit stand, squat or head down when playing on the water slide. And it is forbidden that two adjacent persons play the water slide on the same slide at the same time. It is necessary to stay in a certain safe distance. Leave quickly after sliding into the water to avoid collision.
    Large Octopus Amusement Park Ride
    Large Octopus Amusement Park Ride
    Ocean Walk Rides In Amusement Park
    Ocean Walk Rides In Amusement Park

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      Amusement Park rides can bring you exciting and amazing feeling. But on another side, you should take care of yourself and at the same time have a great enjoyable happiness. Now more and more people would like to have a tour in some amusement parks and playground to ride and enjoy the thrilling carnival rides for sale. The things directly related to human’s safety are very important. So rides should know very well about the general riding knowledge in order to avoid the accident. Welcome to know more details of amusement rides from Powerlion Amusement Company.

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