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Carousel for Sale cheap in Beston Amusement Rides Company. There are all kinds of large and small carousel rides, simple and luxury carousel rides, amusement park and fairground carousel rides available for sale! Welcome to contact us to buy high quality and beautiful carousel rides. Get Price List Here!

BNCR 01 - 16 Seats Luxury Carousel For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 01 – 16 Seats Luxury Carousel For Sale

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BNCR 02 - 16 Seats Luxury Carousel Ride - Beston Factory
BNCR 02 – 16 Seats Luxury Carousel Ride

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What is Carousel for Sale?

Carousel Ride is one kind of popular amusement rides in amusement park, fairground, backyard, shopping mall, schoolyard and square and so on. Carousel rides have features of unique appearance, rotating, safety and wide application. Carousel can be used for free and also can be used for earning money. Carousel horse ride can attract people in different ages to play and spend for it. There are various cheap Carousel carnival rides for sale in Beston. Welcome to Email Us for Free Quote!

BNCR 03 - 16 Seats Luxury Carousel For Sale Cheap - Beston Factory
BNCR 03 – 16 Seats Luxury Carousel For Sale Cheap

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BNCR 04 - 16 Seats Luxury Carousel Ride In Beston - Beston Factory
BNCR 04 – 16 Seats Luxury Carousel Ride In Beston

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Carousel for sale as a kind of happy carnival rides works depending on the vertical axis and unidirectionally turns ups-downs, which is designed based on the entertainment activities of Happy Hall. There set colorful subuliform ceiling on the top of carousel. Carousel Rides are manufactured with the main structure material of glass fiber reinforced plastics. And there is colorful fiberglass decorative sheet decorated on the circumferentia of ceiling, which make the carousel amusement rides more luxury and gorgeous.

BNCR 05 - 16 Seats New Carousel Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 05 – 16 Seats New Carousel Ride For Sale

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BNCR 06 - 16 Seats European Style Carousel Ride - Beston Factory
BNCR 06 – 16 Seats European Style Carousel Ride

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There are different sizes ups and downs horses set in the center of hall. After starting the carousel equipment, there golden and colorful horses start to running after running in a certain stable and slowly speed, which form a great scene that like ten thousand horses galloping ahead — going steam ahead. And the customers will enjoy the race fun.

BNCR 07 - 16 Seats Beston Cheap Carousel For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 07 – 16 Seats Beston Cheap Carousel For Sale

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BNCR 08 - 16 Seats Beston Carousel Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 08 – 16 Seats Beston Carousel Ride For Sale

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Carousel Rides Names

There are several different called for carousel rides names, such as carousel for sale, carousel ride, carousel amusement rides, amusement park carousel for sale, fairground carousel, fair carousel, merry go round carousel, merry go round carousel horse, merry go round ride, carousel horse rides and so on. But they are the entire carousel for sale. Different carousel rides name just classified according to your different application places.

BNCR 09 - 24 Seats Carousel For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 09 – 24 Seats Carousel For Sale

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BNCR 10 - 24 Seats Carousel Ride In Beston - Beston Factory
BNCR 10 – 24 Seats Carousel Ride In Beston

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Features of Carousel Rides for Sale

  • As a kind of amusement rides in parks, the turnplate rotates around the fixed axis at a uniform speed after Carousel ride being started.
  • These carousel horses decorated in the carousel ride have various shapes and sizes and can run ups and downs.
  • Carousel can make people have the feeling of riding on a horse running on the prairie.
  • Carousel ride has wide applications for various places and people in different age.
BNCR 11 - 24 Seats Cheap Carousel Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 11 – 24 Seats Cheap Carousel Ride For Sale

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BNCR 12 - 24 Seats Carousel Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNCR 12 – 24 Seats Carousel Ride For Sale

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Application of Carousel Amusement Rides for Sale

Carousel rides for sale are suitable for dense population flow sites, such as amusement park, playground, fair, shop, city square, school, carnie and children’s palace, life square, community and so on.

Specification of Carousel Sell and Buy

Carousel horses and decorations are made with glass fiber reinforced plastics that have the features of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. Carousel for sale in Beston can be customized according to the specific site situation and also can be customized according to your requirements. Contact us for carousel prices!

Difference between Traditional Carousel Rides and New Carousel Rides:

  1. Traditional Carousel for sale: There is column supporting in the center of carousel ride. The appearance is luxury and bright.
  2. New Carousel for sale: There is not column supporting in the center of carousel ride. The appearance is delicate beauty.

Simple Carousel for Sale

Simple Carousel is an amusement ride works through twisting along with the vertical axis shaft and keep on one direction. That is a twisting platform with several seats for people sitting. And these seats often are decorated into different shapes and sizes, sometimes for horses. These carousel horses can run ups and downs depending on the driven by the electric motor. Simple carousel is decorated for simple type. There only a simple ceiling with any luxury decoration and colorful lights.

Luxury Carousel for Sale

Luxury Carousel have similar operation ways. There are the same twisting with several different horses and the same ceiling setting. But compared with simple carousel rides, the luxury rides have the obvious features of luxury decoration, strong fiberglass structure materials and bright colorful lights.

Difference between Luxury Carousel Rides and Simple Carousel Rides

  1. Luxury carousel rides: quality fiberglass structure materials, high price, luxury decoration, colorful lights, up transmission, complex manufacturing process,
  2. Simple carousel rides: Simple framework, simple decoration, low price, simple production process, under transmission.

Attentions for Riding Carousel Rides for Sale

  1. In order to avoid the accident, passengers should not touch the carousel shaft with your hand, arm, feet and any other body parts.
  2. Passengers should not take on the carousel rides with glasses, camera, bags, keys, phone and any other things that easy falling down on your body. You can let somebody else keep your these things for while.
  3. Passengers must listen to the work-staff’s guide, and keep well the order and your body. Never go into the turntable without allowance.

Where to Buy a Carousel for Sale in China?

There are various carousel buy and sell in Beston, such as amusement park carousel for sale, fair carousel ride, fairground carousel for sale, indoor carousel for sale, kiddie carousel for sale, children’s carousel for sale, mini carousel ride for sale, miniature carousel for sale, small carousel for sale, large carousel horse for sale, merry go round carousel for sale, coin operated carousel for sale, antique carousel for sale and so on. Beston always keep on researching the lasted manufacturing technology and various new decorative types. Beston Company adopt the high quality fiberglass structure materials to produce the beautiful, strong and safe merry go round carousel horse rides for sale.

How Much Does A Carousel Cost?

First you should know that almost all the carousel manufactures shows that the higher the price and the better the quality of the carousel for sale. But as a professional Beston carousel rides supplier in China, we not only can provide the high quality carousel amusement rides for you, but also can lower you carousel cost. We research the manufacturing technology and different decoration types. The motor, structure materials and the light, we all have our long-term cooperation suppliers. So we can control the manufacturing cost.

Above mentioned, the simple carousel price is lower than luxury carousel price because of their different manufacturing process and technology. But now in Beston, the simple carousel is not any more the simple decoration and process. We adopt the same high quality fiberglass structure materials for the simple merry go round carousel for sale. And we also can make sure the lower price for the simple carousel. So you can send us Email attached with your special requirement and carousel drawing. We will quote you a cheap price according to your carousel design.

Carousel for Sale Manufacturer

As a professional amusement park rides for sale manufacturer in China, Beston have own rides factory to produce our high quality carousel for sale. After many years’ manufacturing experience and exporting experience, now Beston can import merry go round carousel for sale to many countries, such as Singapore, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Korean, Saudi Arabia, Nigera, Brazil, Orlando, Las vegas, Osaka, Vienna, Atlanta ga, Seattle, Chicago, Japan, Spanish, Russia, Kazakhstan and so on. Welcome to Email us for carousel price cheap and also can come to China for visiting our merry go round carousel factory.

Key Points on Choosing Merry Go Round Carousel for Sale

  • First, Consider the features of carousel for sale that it is a kind of very thrilling amusement rides, which attracts people mainly depending on its features of beauty look, colorful lights and carousel music. So the whole framework style is very important for carousel rides. For one set, no matter how fun it is, if its appearance cannot attract people at the first time, it will not bring customers to play. On the contrary, only if the carousel can attract people at the first time that it can bring customers and leave them a good impression. Then these customers may come back to play for the twice, third, and fourth time. The stable visitors flow rate can make you earn money steadily. So you will make your carousel horses or carousel rides with different shapes to attract people’s interest. And every carousel shape can have a moral and each moral will impress what lucky they can bring people who ride on the carousel ride. People will love this carousel amusement rides and come back to play again.
  • Second, Consider the Quality of Electric Appliances. It is easy happen accident for carousel rides if their electric appliances are manufactured in an unprofessional carousel rides factory and all the sides do not reach the quality standard. This bad thing may must leave people a bad and terrible impression and make you a great loss on operation. You should check well all the electric appliances and make sure their guarantee time when you buy a carousel sell. Professional carousel horse rides factory make sure the half of year for service. The appliance guarantee time general decides the service time from carousel rides manufacturers. It must be the fictitious promises when the service time is longer than the appliance guarantee time. Generally the carousel horse ride suppliers will not change your equipments for free when the appliances are out of their guarantee time.
  • Third, Consider the Integral Quality of Carousel. In order to attract customers for long period, but not just for once. The carousel rides amusement products must be good, which can provide customer a good impress. When people are playing on the carousel horses, there will no problem happen on them. Thus these customers will trust you and your merry go round carousel rides for sale. Then they maybe come to play again and again and finally become regular customers. On the contrary, if the carousel for sale in your company not good and often happen accident or problems, which will make customers a bad mood and impression. And these customers maybe never come back again.
  • Fourth, Consider the Choice for Motor. Motor is the core of carouse ride. If the carousel horse ride is filled with allowable passengers, the motor cannot drive the carousel rides running when it is not up to standard. If this kind of unqualified motor is forced to be used, this will make the tyre burst and capacitance motor burn. This is the terrible phenomenon for customers and operators. One side, it will make customers’ mood bad. Another side, its damage will bring you some repair fees and operating loss.
  • Fifth, Consider the Design of Transmission Links. No matter upper transmission or under transmission, transmission is an important part of carousel that just second only to motor. And links are the core of this transmission part. Two-row carousel horse rides running ups and downs all depend on the supporting power from link. Thus the links part must be able to adjust the balance of carousel rides, which can avoid the links broken caused of the unable to adjust.
  • Sixth, Consider the Selection for Horse Shaft Cage. Cage is a kind of ball-cage type constant velocity joint. Connecting link is matched with Horse Shaft Cage that used to fix horse shaft. For this part we have two choices. One is that use cast steel with oil seal nylon type. Another is that use all cast steel bearing type. Only nylon sleeve can storage oil and have a lubrication effect.
  • Seventh, Consider the Qualification of Carousel Manufacturers. If a carousel factory do not have manufacturing qualification and corresponding documents. Thus the carousel rides products you buy do not have an “ID”. This will be a big difficult for the certification check on the amusement rides by the state every year.
  • Eighth, Consider the Comprehensive Analysis and Judgment on Paint. The paint effect must be fresh, bright and light after finishing. Glass fiber reinforced polyester products, only special paint for automobile can realize this effect. It paint effect is luster and rough workmanship. This kind of painting cannot keep for half of year’s gloss and will lose color after exposing to the weather for half of year. Caused of the bad preliminary work, the post effects will be very terrible. But a carousel decoration is all fiberglass. So the glass fiber reinforced plastics part must be made to be refined, fine and bright.

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Carousel History

In 180x in Europe, There is a popular that put a Carousel Rocking Horse Chair for sale in front of the shop. See all the romantic history comes from simple origin. And most of this ways mean to earn money. Later there is wise person using wooden support to raise these carousel rocking horse chairs, then put them in a round and make them turn up. Of course, these round wooden horse chairs cannot turn by themselves. That time, they thought a way to use a real litter horse or real human to drive these horse rides turning. See how luxury it is.

With the society development, of course we must thank for Mr. Watt who invented the steam engine. After that, the carousel rides start to entry into a new time. Use steam engine as the heart of carousel. The white gas generated by steam engine fills all around, which seems the colorful carousel horses run up in the air. Think what a beautiful scene. Times development, carousel ride has gone through time and time change and impress. Finally the new carousel for sale is manufactured from Beston Factory.

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Except for these productivity progresses, there also are all kinds of carousel quotes spread in the world. Some people said that the carousel stands a tragic ending and some people said that the carousel means a forever parallel relationship. But I believe that the Carousel stands happiness, which means the two persons in love ride on the carousel horses and turn with the carousel will keep their happiness forever. So if you can buy a carousel ride for sale from Beston for earning money by every time people play on the rides. This romantic carousel history can attract many girls, women or any persons in love who believe the magic history. By the way, we also can provide you the carousel rides with high safety and beautiful appearance. Now contact us for carousel price and more details.


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