Breakdance Ride For Sale

Cheap Breakdance Ride for sale and produced by Beston Factory is one new type of popular amusement rides for sale on the market nowadays. Beackdance rides can satisfy your requirements for thrill and excitement, which can be used in all kinds of amusement parks, theme parks, fairground, carnival park and also fair parks and so on. If you are in need or interested in Beston breakdance rides for sale, welcome to Email us for detailed information or free quote now!

BNBR 01 - Breakdance Ride For Sale Cheap - Beston Factory
BNBR 01 – Breakdance Ride For Sale Cheap

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Introduction Of Breakdance Ride For Sale

Breakdance Ride for sale and manufactured from Beston is a kind of thrilling amusement rides which is set on a large platform that is designed into a 20meters diameter and dodecagonal shape. There are four group rides setting at the four sides of the platform. Each group ride consists four 2-seat cars. After being started, the large platform of breakdance ride can rotate in a clockwise direction and the four group rides separately rotate in an anticlockwise direction. And also each carriage with 2-seat can rotate in a 360 degree way separately. Besides these, there are also a big beautiful background plate, sound device, glaring LED lights, control system and other special effects devices equipped for the breakdance ride for sale.

BNBR 02 - Breakdance Ride For Sale In Beston - Beston Factory
BNBR 02 – Breakdance Ride For Sale In Beston

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Features Of Beston Breakdance Rides For Sale

  • Breakdance Rides for sale in Beston have feature of special and thrilling rotating way. Platform, four group cars and each carriage can rotate in different ways separately.
  • Breackdance rides for sale are designed and manufactured into various types in platform sizes, cars numbers and carriage numbers. Beston try to make an advancement in producing the best and interesting breakdance rides for sale to satisfy different people’s different requirements.
  • Breakdance ride for sale from Beston Company on the market now as a new star ride has a big potential development in getting customers and profits.
  • Breakdance ride is a kind of large amusement rides that needs a large platform to set. And the large platform also can attract the attention eyes of tourists in parks.
  • Breakdance amusement rides belong to national inspection-free products that can run the height of 1.95 meter as a large amusement equipment and are equipped with the very safe device to guarantee the safety of players.
BNBR 03 - Breakdance Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNBR 03 – Breakdance Ride For Sale

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How To Play Breakdance Rides For Sale From Beston Factory

Firstly, a large breakdance ride is well set in parks and there are complete glazing device and operating system equipped. When you go to an amusement park ride to play this kind thrilling and exciting large amusement rides for sale, you just need to take some tips for care about! Sit on the ride seat, you need sit well, take off all the sharp object from your body and tie well the safe belt. Use your hands to hold tightly the safe bar, which can prevent your falling out from your seat. Then you can completely enjoy your breakdance rides tour after being activated. Contact us for more information now!

BNBR 04 - Cheap Breakdance Ride For Sale - Beston Factory
BNBR 04 – Cheap Breakdance Ride For Sale

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Why Choose Beston Breakdance Rides For Your Park

As a kind of ideal theme park rides for sale, Breakdance ride is interesting & thrilling and can get more eyes attention. As a professional amusement rides company in China, Beston has the professional manufacturing factory and team. No matter the products engineers and the appearance designers, Beston can both satisfy customers requirements and produces the best breakdance rides for sale many countries of Uzbekistan, India, Uganda, Russia, and Pakistan and so on. It is obvious the best choice to choose a large amusement breakdance rides for sale when operating a large amusement park. You need to consider both quality and cost when buying breakdance amusement rides for sale. Beston here can provide you the best sales service! Any questions? Leave us an Email for detailed information and free quote now!


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