Amusement Robot Ride For Sale

Cheap Amusement Robot Ride For Sale to Kenya from Beston Carnival Rides Company is the most innovative amusement park machine to ride for fun and enjoying through controlling the joystick to running and rotating in a 360 degree directions on the indoor and outdoor ground. Welcome to buy Beston Amusement Park Robot Rides For Sale with high safe collision avoidance system and radar device.

Amusement Robot Ride For Sale
Amusement Robot Ride For Sale

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    Beston Amusement Robot Ride For Sale Kenya

    Amusement Robot Ride for sale Kenya is a kind of new battery car with lifelike appearance design of Robot and is equipped with safe belt, joystick, high quality sound system, colorful lights, shooting device, high quality trumpet, 360 degree radar, collision avoidance and remote control. Beston robot ride is made of fiber glass as the main structure material.

    Beston Robot Rides For Sale Cheap
    Beston Robot Rides For Sale Cheap

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      Features of Amusement Robot Ride For Sale In Kenya

      • Attractive appearance and cool color
      • Enjoyable battle function
      • Advanced wheel-hub motor
      • Reasonable structure and high quality fiberglass material
      • Adjustable running speed
      • 360 degree rotating
      • Stable parking and without inertia
      • Safe and reliable
      • Neoteric and unique appearance
      • Gorgeous LED lights and colorful painting

      Uses of Robot Carnival Rides For Sale In Kenya

      • Robot Carnival Rides can be used on the indoor and outdoor ground, such as amusement park, funfair, square, shopping mall, supermarket, schoolyard, backyard, gardens, tourist resort, real estate and playground and so on.
      • Robot Amusement Ride is safe and suitable for one or two kids and adults.

      How To Play Beston Robot Carnival Rides

      Passenger sits on the robot ride seats and fasten the safe belt, then use the remote control to start the amusement robot ride and put hands on the joysticks to control the running direction. Go forward and backward, turn left and right or rotate in a circle. You also can drive robot ride to shoot each other by using shooting device, which bring much funny and exciting. There are 360 radar and collision avoidance system installed for protecting you when facing stumbling block. Riders can adjust the running speed according to their need for thrilling sense degree. Each robot ride can keep working 8 hours after once 8 hours’ charging.

      Beston Amusement Park Robot Ride Manufacturer

      Beston as a professional amusement park robot ride manufacturer in China has our own large amusement rides factory and can produce high quality and safe robot rides for sale with advanced configurations based on our professional production process and management. Beston amusement robot rides are exported to many countries based on our many years’ manufacturing and exporting experience, such as America, Norway, France, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Chile, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Korean, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Orlando, Las vegas, Osaka, Vienna, Atlanta ga, Seattle, Chicago, Japan, Spanish, Russia, Kazakhstan and so on. Welcome to Email us for the cheap robot rides quotation and also can come to China for visiting our amusement rides factory.

      Buy Amusement Robot Ride For Sale In Kenya

      • Fiberglass Structure Material
        Amusement Robot Rides for sale Kenya adopt high quality and safe fiberglass the main structure material. As the rides body shell, fiberglass is hardened as the steel, but lighter than steel. Beston Robot Ride will be more duradoura.
      • Adjustable Speed
        Amusement Park Robot Ride uses advanced wheel-hub motor to realize the adjustable speed for fast or slow. Beston can produce reliable high quality amusement rides to satisfy different customers’ different requirements for application sites.
      • Rubber Tire
        Carnival Machine Robot Rides adopts rubber tire with high simulation and true arabesquitic texture that has features of firm road holding and wear- crush resistance, which effectively improve the sliding flexibility ratio on the ground.
      • High Safe Drive Guarantee
        Beston Robot Amusement Ride is equipped with 360 degree radar device and EVA collision avoidance system that can make people enjoyable and safe secure.

      Specification of Robot Amusement Ride For Sale

      Robot Amusement Ride

      Material FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics), EVA Type Electric Motor Ride
      Radar System Radar Autobrake Function Battle for fun
      The Maximal Bearing 100kg Size 110*120*140cm
      Weight 80kg Voltage 12v
      Speed 3~5km/h (Adjustable) Time 8hours
      Battery Capacity 20AH*2 Power 250w
      Remote Control Intelligent Controller Motor 380w double motors
      Running Degree 360 degree Capacity 1 or 2 persons
      Light LED light Paint / Color Auto-paint / Customized

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