42m Ferris Wheel For Sale

42m Ferris Wheel for sale cheap can be customized from Beston Amusement Company in China. Also called “42m sky wheel”, 42m Ferris Wheel belong to a kind of small Ferris Wheel Rides. 42m Ferris Wheel can be used in small parks or fairground. Welcome to buy 42m Ferris Wheel for sale from Beston Factory.

42m Ferris Wheel For Sale Cheap From Beston Factory
BNFW 01 – 42m Ferris Wheel For Sale

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42m Ferris Wheel Ride - Beston Manufacturer
BNFW 02 – 42m Ferris Wheel Ride

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42m Ferris Wheel For Sale In Beston Supplier

42m Ferris Wheel is manufactured with high quality steel as the structure for supporting and high quality FRP as the main material of gondola. This type of Ferris Wheel Rides is high reaching to 42m and covers area of 31*28m. 42m Ferris Wheel is equipped with 24 gondolas and each cabin is available for 4 passengers. In a word, the 42m Ferris Wheel for sale from Beston factory has high quality and its structure is very strong and safe. Welcome to Email us for Details Information.

Specification Of 42m Ferris Wheel

42m Ferris Wheel

Seat Capacity 4*24=96
Cabin Number 24pcs
Rated Power 25kw
Driven Power 16kw
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Wheel Diameter 38.4m
Total Height 42m
Occupied Area 31*28m
42m Ferris Wheel Ride - Sky Wheel Factory
BNFW 03 – 42m Ferris Wheel Ride – Sky Wheel Factory

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42m Ferris Wheel Ride - Beston Ferris Wheel Supplier
BNFW 04 – 42m Ferris Wheel Ride – Ferris Wheel Supplier

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Features Of 42m Ferris Wheel For Sale

  • High Quality and Safety

Beston Ferris Wheel adopts high quality steel and FRP as the main materials, and is made with the professional production technology for keeping the complete ferris wheel.

  • Colorful and Beautiful

42m Ferris Wheel is painted with different high quality auto-car rust paint and also is decorated with many LED lamps on the wheel and gondolas. In the day, the colorful paint make ferris wheel look new and great in the sun. In the night, the colorful LED lights make ferris wheel look dazzling and beautiful in the dark.

42m Ferris Wheel Supplier

Beston is a professional amusement rides company and a professional 42m sky wheel factory. Beston has many years’ experience of manufacturing and exporting high quality Ferris Wheel for sale UK, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa and Pakistan. Beston produces new Ferris Wheel Rides including giant ferris wheel, large ferris wheel, small ferris wheel and mini ferris wheel for being used in all kinds of amusement parks, theme parks, fairground, carnival park, backyard, schoolyard, and also shopping mall and etc. Beston owns the advanced manufacturing equipment and technology. If you have need in buying high quality ferris wheel ride for your park or customized special 42m ferris wheel for you project. Welcome to Contact us for our Free Quote Now!


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