36 Seats Swing Chair Ride Is Much Favored by Kazakhstan Customer

In 2021, a Kazakhstan customer bought a 36 seats swing chair ride from us and the swing chair was shipped from Xi’an in Apr, 2021. Nowadays, it has been put into use for about a year. According to his feedback, he is extremely satisfied with our products and service.

36 Seats Swing Chair Ride Sold to Kazakhstan
36 Seats Swing Chair Ride Sold to Kazakhstan

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How Did the Customer Find Us?

The Kazakhstan customer searched through Google to find proper amusement park equipment and then he found Beston Amusement website. After sending an inquiry, he received a reply from our sales manager. What makes us quite amazing is that both of us have contacted and established relationship 2 years ago, which makes the communication smoother.

What Does the Customer Buy the Amusement Equipment for?

After detailed communication and discussion, our sales manager understood that the customer want to buy a thrill amusement park ride and to put it on the plaza at the entrance of the Кок тобе park. Moreover, since there are plenty of people in the park, the customer not only wanted the thrill rides quite attractive, but also hoped it has a large passenger capacity. After discussion, we recommended him to buy a 36 seats flying chair ride.

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How Did the Kazakhstan Customer Decide to Buy Swing Chair Rides?

At first, the Kazakhstan customer told our sales manager that he want to buy a carnival ride with large passenger capacity. Therefore, our sales manager recommended many different types of products for him and he decided to buy a 36 seats swing chair.

After several days, the Kazakhstan customer still not sure to buy which types of flying chair. In that case, our sales person sent him a video of this type of swing chair ride. Finally, he was quite satisfied with this swing chair and decided to buy it.

Feedback of the Kazakhstan Customer

According to the feedback of the Kazakhstan Customer, he was extremely satisfied with the product’s quality and our considerate services. And the swing chair really attracts a lot of tourists and brings greats benefits to him. Moreover, he also recommended us to his friends and relatives. Recently, his repurchase equipment have been shipped to Kazakhstan in Mar, 2022 and are estimated to arrive in April.


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